How to enable Push-To-Talk & Noise Suppression in Discord

In my Discord server, we hold weekly watch parties where we get together and watch something fun. This is usually followed by a couple of hours of goofing off, watching youtube clips etc. It’s a really fun time and something I look forward to doing every week. Unfortunately, sometimes, you find yourself in a noisy environment. Vacuuming, construction noise, dogs barking, sirens, even keyboard typing can be a source of headaches and distraction for many people, and makes it less fun to participate.

To ensure that discord watch parties and calls in general are a nice and enjoyable experience for everyone, there’s a few main things you can do.

Enable Push-To-Talk in Discord

Push-To-Talk is a feature which only passes through your microphone audio while you’re pressing an assigned button. It’s very useful if you don’t necessarily have a noisy environment, but perhaps people or animals around who can bleed into the call. Here’s how to enable it:

Windows, Mac & Linux:

  1. Go to your User Settings:
  2. Select “Voice & Video in the sidebar:
  3. Click “Push-To-Talk” to enable the feature:
  4. In the “Shortcut” section, just below where you just clicked, you can assign a button for PTT. Common options include Ctrl, Alt, Ctrl+M, Scroll Lock & more. If you have an Elgato Stream Deck, read on because I have special instructions for Stream Deck users.
  5. Done! Join a call and press your assigned keybind to talk!

Stream Deck:

  1. Follow the instructions for Windows, Mac & Linux until step 4. Then continue from here.
  2. Open the Stream Deck app, and add a Hotkey button.
  3. Assign a key to the hotkey. The great thing here is that you can assign it to buttons that don’t even exist on most keyboards, like F13-F24 for example!

  4. In Discord, go back to User Settings > Voice & Video. Record a new keybind, and this time, press the button you just made on your Stream Deck.

  5. Done! As long as you press the button you just made on your Stream Deck, people will be able to hear you! If you want a quick way to switch back and forth between Voice Activity and PTT, there’s a great third party Discord Plugin for Stream Deck which can do that and much more!

Mobile (iOS & Android):

I don’t have an Android device anymore, but I presume the instructions will be identical or near identical for this process whether you use iOS or Android.
Fair warning: PTT on mobile is kind of cumbersome, especially for watch parties. You can’t PTT while multitasking, and sometimes it doesn’t register unless you press the PTT button dead center.

  1. Open the menu by either sliding from the left side of the screen to the right, or tapping the hamburger menu on the top left.
  2. Open your Discord settings by tapping your avatar in the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to “Voice” and open that menu.
  4. Select the first option (“Input Mode”).
  5. Choose “Push to Talk”.
  6. Done! Join a call and press the button at the bottom of the screen to talk!

Enable Noise Suppression in Discord

Discord has two options for noise suppression, in this article we will be focusing on Krisp Noise Suppression as I find it the best option. I have an AC unit running directly behind my PC and with this method, call participants simply can’t hear it. This method is great if you have a noisy environment, and if it’s especially bad, you can use this in combination with PTT. If you own an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, there’s an even better solution called “NVIDIA Broadcast“. NVIDIA has a great guide for setting it up! Do not use it in combination with any Discord noise suppression method as it will decrease your audio quality.

Here’s how to set up Krisp Noise Suppression in Discord:

Windows, Mac & Linux:

  1. Join a call.
  2. Click the Noise Suppression icon in the bottom left corner of the Discord window.
  3. Enable Krisp Noise Suppression
  4. Done! Now you should be able to talk without worrying about noise making it through to other call participants!

Mobile (iOS & Android):

  1. Join a call.
  2. Tap the Noise Suppression icon in the call menu.
  3. Done! Now you should be able to talk without worrying about noise making it through to other call participants!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, Discord can be a bit complicated, especially if you’re new to it. By following these instructions, your audio should be significantly improved if you have a noisy environment.

DMCA free music sources for use on Twitch

UPDATE: Twitch has addressed recent events in regards to DMCA on November 11th, leaving some of the information in this article outdated and/or incorrect. Please read Twitch’s statement after finishing my article for a broader scope.

Most people are unaware of how copyright works, especially sync licensing.

A sync license is what television and radio broadcasts have used to play music over the air for decades. It gives broadcast networks the ability to broadcast a copyrighted work to the public. It’s very expensive and is often done on a piece by piece basis.

Streaming on Twitch has grown exponentially over the years, showing no signs of stopping. That means millions of people are entering the broadcast world for the first time. Regular people like you and me.

With the influx of online broadcasters this system has been shook up. In turn, people stream copyrighted music to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of viewers without a second thought.

While record labels and associations have been vigilant in issuing copyright strikes on YouTube and other video hosting sites, they’ve mostly slept on streaming sites like Twitch. Until recently.

As of recent, Twitch has begun removing clips containing copyrighted works on behest of these organizations, using an automated content matching system from Audible Magic. This has caused quite a stir in the streaming community, as streamers themselves do not have granular control over their clips. Anyone can choose to create a clip from their stream so long as the option is enabled. Therefore, streamers now run a larger risk of being penalized with little to no recourse.

It’s a common myth that Twitch’s Terms of Service has changed in regards to music licensing, but the truth is that streaming unlicensed music on Twitch has never been allowed. The difference is that they are now enforcing these rules more broadly.

Now streamers are desperate for ways to stream background music without worry. As a streamer myself, I’ve been searching for good sources. I’ve come across many that aren’t mentioned in other articles like this one, so I thought I’d share them here. Please enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any potential takedowns or actions taken against your channel by using these sources. These are personal recommendations and you should always do your own research. Please note that most if not all of these sources require you to attribute/credit them in some way. Specifics can be found on each sources individual website.

Anjunabeats music for Twitch Streamers

Anjunabeats x Twitch (FREE)

A playlist of greenlit music that is free to stream from Anjuna, an electronic label (mainly trance music).

Chillhop Music for Twitch Streamers

Chillhop Music (FREE)

Lo-fi hip hop. They has a free creator program which allows you to use their music with proper attribution and use of their image banner on Twitch.

Lacuna Records for Twitch Streamers

Lacuna Records (FREE)

An independent record label. Their licensing agreement allows independent creators to monetize their tracks on Twitch and YouTube with appropriate credit.

Majestic Color for Twitch Streamers

Majestic Color (FREE)

Small catalog of chill ambient music. This is a subset of the much larger “Majestic Casual” channel on YouTube. The roughly 30 tracks available in this playlist are “free to use”. Though the channel does not specify much other than that. Because of how vague their “license” is, I’d advise some caution.

Monstercat Gold for Twitch Streamers

Monstercat ($5/month)

Established well known label for EDM music, they’ve pledged to never copyright strike content containing their music.

NoCopyrightSounds for Twitch Streamers


Electronic music, similar to Monstercat, completely free for everyone to use.

NIGHT MODE RECORDS for Twitch Streamers


A record label founded by Twitch streamer JERICHO. Features mostly energetic EDM music by many already well known producers such as Unlike Pluto, Feed Me and more. All their music is “DMCA/Claim free for content creators”.

Pretzel Music Player for Twitch Streamers

Pretzel (FREE)

A streaming music player similar to Spotify containing ONLY music that is greenlit for use in streams and other videos.

Spinnin' Copyright Free Music for Twitch Streamers

Spinnin’ CFM (FREE)

Diverse catalog of electronic music from one of the biggest labels in the industry. On their YouTube channel they state the following:

“All tracks released on Spinnin’ Copyright Free Music are free to be used by Creators in their YouTube & Twitch videos, without the fear of copyright claims. All we ask in return is to credit the artist, track and Spinnin’ Copyright Free Music and link back to the original upload.”

StreamBeats for Twitch Streamers

StreamBeats (FREE)

Lo-fi, EDM and Synthwave music produced by Twitch streamer and YouTuber Harris Heller. Completely free for anyone to use.

Tasty Network for Twitch Streamers

Tasty Network (FREE)

Originally a music promotion channel started in 2011. They are an electronic label which has releases of their own, while also promoting music from other sources. Their licensing agreement allows monetization of their releases on “non commercial and user-generated content for YouTube & Twitch”. It’s required to attribute the content properly, and for Twitch you must use their image banner which can be found on the licensing page.